About us at CoopDecor...


Chad & Angie, Carpentry Design Team

Combining years of experience in carpentry and design, we specialize in providing unique and creative ways to revitalize homes.

Bathrooms, flooring, decks, kitchens, custom-made furniture and more.


Our Style

Communication is key.  We work to make your vision come to life 

or help to design and determine what makes your house feel like home...

All with attention to detail and creative style.

We encourage and implement the homeowner's own personal taste or guide in making sound decisions for future resale.  


Our Approach

Trust and honesty... We take each project and break it down to maximize budgets.  Each area is discussed, outlined, and executed professionally with complete communication and updating throughout the project.  We ensure homeowners know exactly where, why, and how their money is being spent.  It's part of what makes us CoopDecor.

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